Onyx, or travertine as it is known in North America, is a very beautiful material and is a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom worktops and surfaces, and can also be used for flooring. It has been used in construction over thousands of years and the most famous example is the Roman Coliseum.

Onyx is similar to marble and comes in many different natural earthy colours. When polished, it gives a luxurious sheen and can provide an expensive decorative finish for any kitchen or bathroom


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ONYX CARE (Onyx Maintenance Tips)

Onyx countertops does require some care to retain their beauty. Onyx must be sealed upon installation and re-sealed at regular intervals, and should be polished occasionally. If there are spills, the stone should be cleaned immediately using natural cleaning products with a neutral pH and a soft cloth.


It is advisable that onyx counters be sealed and resealed once a year to maintain its luminous shine and make the most of its durability.

As with granite and marble, spills should be cleaned immediately especially those that have an acidic content.


Avoid spilling juices, cold drinks, wine coffee and other liquids that contain acid. Since onyx is soft and calcium-based, it will react with acids and stain easily.


  • Each onyx slab is unique
  • Onyx looks great and is not as expensive as quartz, granite or marble
  • As it is a stone, it can last a lifetime if properly cared for


  • Onyx is not as hard as some of the other stone products and can therefore be susceptible to scratches from knives and other cooking implements.
  • Onyx is not stain resistant and should be sealed regularly
  • Onyx can also be susceptible to acid and alkaline substances

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