The natural beauty that marble can impart to a structure is undeniable. It is the epitome of elegance which can add a sense of lavish opulence to office interiors and homes.

Marble has been in use for centuries and is known for its durability and malleability and was a favourite of the ancient Greeks and Romans. The diverse varieties, styles, grains and shades of marble, offers endless possibilities for its use. 


 Please feel free to scroll through our collection of Marble products. If for some reason, you cannot find a colour you like, or you have a specific marble in mind that we do not have, then we will happily source it for you.

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MARBLE CARE (Marble Maintenance Tips)

Marble is nowhere near as strong and durable as quartz or granite, so be careful not to drop heavy objects on your marble surfaces.


Spills should immediately be cleaned, even if your marble surface has been sealed. Marble does not stain quickly, but it can etch quickly especially with liquids with a high acidity content.


Due to the soft nature of the material, it is more prone to both scratching and etching. 

If used as countertops, cutting boards should always be used. As with granite, be cautious with spills, especially products with an acidic nature, as they can result in permanent stains. 



  • Marble can be cheaper than granite and quartz
  • Creates an air of elegance and style
  • Each marble slab is unique
  • Marble flooring is scratch resistant
  • Marble is heat and fire resistant


  • Marble requires maintenance
  • Marble is very heavy and therefore not always suited for countertops
  • Can easily stain and lose it’s shine

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