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May 18, 2019

May 18, 2019


We’ve been sourcing, custom-making and installing stone products since 2003.

Who is StoneProducts.co.za?

StoneProducts.co.za was created in 2018 to strengthen the online digital presence of our sister companies Indigenous Granite and Enduro Quartz.

StoneProducts.co.za is a manufacturer, supplier and installer of  granite tops, quartz countertops, marble flooring and staircases, and other stone products such as kitchen  counters and back splashes,  vanity  tops,  stone counter tops, stone fireplaces, bathroom floor and wall tiles, kitchen sinks, bath tubs, lavish stone floor and home tiles for the home and office, mosaics, and much more for residential and commercial projects. We also supply whole slabs to contractors.

An overview of what we do…

We are a leading stone fabricator that has redefined stone craftsmanship, quality, value, and service since 2003. Our focus is on master crafting stone surfaces – specialising in custom stone countertops using natural granite, marble, onyx, manufactured quartz, and other solid surface products.  As one of the largest fabricators in Gauteng, we are well equipped to handle both residential and large commercial projects. Our corporate office and main production facility in Wadeville includes state-of-the-art manufacturing and fabrication capabilities. Despite being based in Gauteng, we offer our expertise nation-wide and have done installations all over South Africa and even abroad.

The craft of stonemasonry is one of the oldest and most sought after skills. For us, it includes creating timeless surfaces for reception areas, kitchens, bathrooms etc., sourcing only the best possible stone from all over the world. We pride ourselves in creating custom made floors, stairs, counter tops and even wall panels for both commercial and private clients using your choice of marble, granite, quartz, onyx and sintered porcelain.

  • Complete floor installations
  • Complete staircase installations
  • Complete wall panels
  • Counter top installations or replacements
  • Complete reception work/welcome desks
  • Complete fireplaces
  • Bar counters
  • Food / buffet counters

And much more…

We use state of the art technology and machinery, which means that we can custom-make whatever stone product you can think of. Our products are only limited by your imagination!

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StoneProducts.co.za’s objectives and values make us one of the best stonemason companies in South Africa. We specialise in providing our customers with exceptional service, high quality stone materials and competitive prices. We source our granite, marble and other stone products from all over the world, and we import directly, ensuring that you get the best possible price without compromising quality. We also offer the highest possible shine attainable on natural stone in South Africa.


Our manufacturing complex allows StoneProducts.co.za to produce the highest quality kitchen counter tops, vanities, bar counters and tables with a large range of colour selections, in your choice of granite, marble, quartz, onyx and sintered porcelain. We integrate our entire range of business functions in a truly customer driven manner and around satisfying the needs of the individual customer. Not just marketing customer service and sales but material selection, machinery, production logistics, financial measurements and considerations.


Our endless pursuit of new technologies brings Indigenous Granite into the forefront of the granite counter top fabrication industry. Using the latest CAD programs we take the age old process of cutting stone into the future. Our computer touch screen workstations give our technicians the ability to operate in a 100 % efficient environment.


  • Ordering counter tops with under mount cutouts already finished
  • Polishing the inside edges of cutouts
  • Installing mounting clips for sinks
  • Sink and faucet placements designed from shop drawings
  • Preparing cutouts for shipping

We’re not the only ones that prefer natural stone surfaces. Expert designers and home renovators have the following to say about using granite, marble, quartz, onyx and other stone products.

Natural stone surfaces are the best for just about any surface application in the home or workplace. But don’t just take our word for it. Here are some quotes from interior designers and contractors.

"Natural stone's impact on architecture and design spans generations, and it is still on display in some of the most historic buildings throughout the world. Limited only by the imagination, stone products, such as granite, marble and quartz, can be used in a variety of locations and fashions throughout the home. Because personalization is the key to great design, stone surfaces are the perfect choice for creative homeowners. Natural stone products, also deliver a captivating mix of color movement, distinguishing lines, and varied finishes. These characteristics bring an understated sophistication to any application, including floors, walls, countertops, or bathroom surfaces. Even if you're not considering using stone as a centerpiece item, such as an entire floor or backsplash, it makes for the perfect accent in combination with other materials. A buffed-finish, stone-look mosaic as a border around a stainless steel backsplash, for example, creates a striking contrast that's half nature-inspired and half industrial. If you use your imagination, the natural beauty of stone will inspire you to create a bold, one-of-a-kind design."

– Marazzi Tiles and Design (USA)

"Stone countertops offer a natural beauty that's hard to match in the man-made world. No two countertops are exactly the same simply because no two stone slabs are exactly alike. They're the product of nature's randomness and diversity. So if you're looking for a countertop with some individuality, stone is for you."

– Home Style Choices.com

"A countertop is a significant part of your kitchen. Choosing a material for your worktop is a huge decision because it will impact on the aesthetics and practical function of this important part of your house. A well-chosen countertop will make your kitchen more useful and easy to maintain. This is why natural stone can help you when you are making your decision."

– CupAstone.com




As our range of stone products are natural products, no two products will ever look the same, adding to the stylish aesthetic beauty and exclusivity of your stone product.



Natural stone are very hard and durable. Our syntethic stone products are even more resilient when it comes to being resistant  to impacts. If well looked after, both products can last several lifetimes over.



Unlike other surfaces, our stone product surfaces exhibit a high resistance to scratches. So much so that you can make your kitchen knives blunt if our surfaces are used as a cutting block!



Scientifically proven to be much more hygienic than wood or other synthetic surfaces such as melamine, you can even prepare food on or eat from our surfaces. Your little ones are thus safe around our products.


years and still going strong. We've been an industry leader since 2003


Unrivalled expertise and customer service

Well over 250 different colours and shades of granite, marble, quartz, onyx and sintered porcelain to choose from


Because we do not outsource ANY part of our production and manufacturing process, we can offer very competitive prices. We do it all – import, cut to spec, polish and edge, and install. You don’t need to speak to anyone else…

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